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Your source of marketing information in web3.

Join SMT and get access to the latest and most important information about marketing in the blockchain industry.


What is Smart Marketing Token?

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Fixed fee promotion

SMT will be providing promotional services for projects based on blockchain. Assistance will be billed based on the commission from the sales.

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Smart Marketing Token will give the community of SMT holders an opportunity for their voices to be heard. They can choose and vote with their tokens on the project development. The more SMT tokens community member holds, the stronger their voice is.

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One of the long-term goals is to build a platform where projects can buy marketing services that will be performed by our team 24/7. Buying traffic, creating high-performance banners, SEO link building, SM promotion? Whatever it is, SMT will take care of it!

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Educational service

One of SMT’s main goals is to spread the incredible advantages of using blockchain technology around the globe. But also to educate projects about marketing and promotion on web3. Therefore, the SMT team will provide educational opportunities in this area that only SMT community members can access.

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Building long-term relations with users, investors, and clients of the project, the SMT team is fully transparent in its activities and operates under the regulations of the European Union.

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Premium holders program

SMT provides the opportunity to join the Premium holders program. Just add your SMT tokens, participate in activities on Student Coin Wallet, and get rewards in return.


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