Dear SMT community,

After a thorough evaluation of our project's current status, funding availability, and broad market trends, in collaboration with our esteemed partner, Student Coin, the Smart Marketing Token (SMT) team has decided to stop its operations and initiate a token redemption program. We are convinced that reallocating the remaining SMT’s funds towards a well-structured redemption and repurchase process will serve our community more effectively than continuing our marketing agency activities in the present digital currency environment. 

This decision reflects our dedication to ensuring fairness and transparency for all $SMT token holders and the broader community. We will meticulously craft the redemption process to accommodate the various methods through which tokens were obtained, such as through purchases, airdrops, bonuses, and promotional partnerships. This ensures that we acknowledge and appreciate the distinct contributions of each participant to our project. Additionally, the redemption of $SMT tokens, in conjunction with $STC tokens, will be easily facilitated through the STC Wallet. This process is designed to be straightforward, requiring no additional actions from those who have stored their $SMT tokens in the STC Wallet.

Key Points on SMT Redemption & Repurchase:

  • For 97% of $SMT holders who kept their tokens in the STC Wallet: Your $SMT tokens will automatically be converted into $STC. This conversion will be reflected in your account under sections titled “STC, ETH, SMT, LEAN from other sources”. Additionally, any USDC due from your $SMT holdings will be automatically processed during the redemption in the STC Wallet without needing any further steps.
  • For 3% $SMT holders who kept their tokens on-chain or with ProBit: The Smart Marketing Token team will provide the necessary liquidity to enable the sale of your tokens in the open market at a price higher than the current market rate starting June 9, 2024. The price will depend on the liquidity left from SMT redemptions at STC Wallet. Please note that this option to sell will be available for a limited period. 
  • The redemption price range will be from $0.20 to $1.00, depending on the activity of the individual user.

We invite you to read the full announcement and consideration of the process below.

SMT Token Redemption Announcement

After careful consideration, the Smart Marketing Team has made a significant decision to close the project and commence an extensive SMT Token Redemption process. This choice underscores our dedication to integrity and the welfare of our community, guaranteeing a well-organized and just conclusion that enables all $SMT Token holders to redeem or sell their tokens for USDC at equitable rates.

The evolution of Smart Marketing Token since its inception has been extraordinary. Despite our achievements in developing partnerships with esteemed entities such as Student Coin,, Coinzilla, Coinranking, Dextools, LEAN, and the establishment of - the pioneering platform for transparent marketing services 24/7, alongside delivering millions of ad impressions to our partners, managing numerous articles, cultivating relationships with various projects, platforms, journalists, and participating in numerous blockchain industry conferences, we find ourselves at this challenging yet crucial point. The redemption and sale procedures are crafted to uphold the faith and investment our community has entrusted to us, furnishing a clear route for all token holders.

Amidst this transition, our main objective remains to ensure fairness for all holder groups and uphold the commitment of each community member. With redemption prices ranging between $0.20 and $1.00, we are committed to facilitating a smooth redemption process, providing comprehensive guidance and robust support every step of the way. The redemption values will vary based on each token's unique journey, with higher valuations accorded to tokens acquired via the STC Wallet or through participation in the SMT Premium Holder Program. Conversely, tokens obtained from the open market or distributed as bonuses will have comparatively lower values. 

As we move through the redemption process, which is our final phase, we would like to convey our appreciation to the community that has supported us every step of the way, without whom we would have made many more mistakes along the way. We hope that the entire process will go quickly and smoothly in order to compensate as much as possible for the time spent and commitment from the community. 

History of SMT

Smart Marketing Token (SMT) was established in early 2021 when a group of marketing enthusiasts decided to create an innovative project that would help in marketing efforts for people and companies in the blockchain sector. The goal was not only to create a platform for services but to guide and educate in changing blockchain market conditions. 

After several months of intensive work and establishing strategic partnerships, including the one with Student Coin, the Smart Marketing Token (SMT) officially launched. Since then, its commitment to guiding, educating, and developing a blockchain platform has become an integral part of this dynamic industry.

We have collaborated and implemented marketing activities for blockchain-based projects. We were responsible for the promotion and development of, which, thanks to our and the Coinpaper team's efforts, saw 20% monthly growth in 2023 and continues to grow in 2024. We also created a comprehensive knowledge base and information center that is a weekly newsletter for our community, specifically designed to bridge the gap between the web3 market and marketing. This served as both support and inspiration for further marketing-oriented development. Shortly thereafter, the newsletter was integrated with the newsletter to jointly expand the capabilities and reach of the information provided.


  • Listed SMT token on the top25 exchange, Probit Global 
  • Coordination of launching a crypto news portal, 
  • Achieving a 19,5% monthly growth for 
  • Listing SMT token at Uniswap 
  • Delivered news to thousands of readers every week 
  • Merged an SMT weekly newsletter with Coinpaper Digest  
  • Build a community of more than 10,000 users
  • Collaboration on multiple levels with web3 projects
  • Launching a Premium Holders Progam designed for our most active users 
  • Operating of more than 300 million ad impressions 
  • Launching
  • Collaboration with academic advisors with experience and building a small but dynamic team of a few people 
  • Participated in conferences worldwide
  • Partnering up with web3 marketing companies like Coinzilla, or platforms such as DexTools, Coinranking, CoinCodex, CoinCheckup and software houses
  • Cooperation with Student Coin
  • Managing thousands of web3 articles through our PR campaigns 
  • Launching an SMT Launchpad 
  • Managing creative ad placements, for example, in the metaverse for one of our partners 

Our primary objective was to provide assistance and education to projects launching on the STC Terminal—a platform enabling the launch of token in five simple steps. However, despite our initial focus on supporting projects launching on the STC Terminal, we found that many were hesitant to utilize the platform. Instead, we received numerous offers and opportunities for direct collaboration unrelated to token launches on the STC Terminal. These opportunities encompass engagements through our platform or direct communication channels.

In response to this evolving landscape, we diversified our efforts by engaging in various collaborations, including partnerships with prominent entities such as, LEAN token, and Student Coin, among others. Through these collaborations, we facilitated the dissemination of information by operating across numerous marketing channels, delivering hundreds of millions of ad impressions, and distributing thousands of articles on leading blockchain-related platforms. Furthermore, we endeavored to educate projects on marketing strategies in the blockchain sector, assisting in the management of web3 profiles and compiling extensive datasets to drive B2B sales.

Moreover, our commitment to fostering meaningful connections extended to influencer collaborations across platforms ranging from YouTube threw Twitter to TikTok. Through these partnerships, we aimed to not only support projects but also to educate teams on sales management and automation techniques. Additionally, we established a specialized newsletter serving as an educational and research platform for our community, providing insights into blockchain market trends with a marketing focus, later we’ve launched a special report—accessible exclusively to SMT token holders which was focused on researching and sharing information on the blockchain market and marketing.

Our endeavors culminated in the production of a comprehensive blockchain market report tailored to marketing professionals, further solidifying our commitment to advancing industry knowledge. Through these multifaceted initiatives, we sought to not only support blockchain projects but also to elevate industry standards and empower stakeholders with invaluable insights and resources.

Some of our goals, unfortunately, encountered several obstacles that prevented their full realization. Initially, our aim was to provide support and education to projects launching on the STC Terminal, along with the development of a comprehensive educational platform exclusively accessible to $SMT token holders. This platform would have served as an independent educational and marketing hub for newly launching projects with limited budgets but also for larger projects that would like to carry out in-house marketing activities. Unfortunately, the integration did not materialize and the STC Terminal did not meet both our and Student Coin's expectations.

Additionally, we anticipated broader utilization of the platform. However, in reality, the majority of our partners favored tailored marketing support through direct communication with our team over automated actions. Despite our intentions, once the token was launched we encountered challenges in scaling our operations. Establishing partnerships through direct engagement was not in line with our original vision of providing automated marketing support to new projects launching through the Student Coin Terminal, which would allow us to achieve large scale. 

These ongoing challenges have prompted us to reassess our strategies and approaches. Despite our efforts, including various partnerships, the introduction of voting options on the STC Wallet, and the implementation of a premium holder program to reward our most active users, our initiatives did not achieve the desired scale of success. Consequently, we have recognized that achieving fundamental token value under these circumstances is no longer viable for SMT. As a result, we have made the decision to initiate the redemption of SMT Tokens.

Following numerous challenges encountered while collaborating with web3 projects and considering the uncertainties surrounding the moral integrity of some projects, coupled with the cyclic nature of the crypto marketing landscape, Smart Marketing Token (SMT) and Student Coin (STC) have jointly reached the decision to initiate the redemption of SMT Tokens. Despite our concerted efforts to support projects and elevate industry standards, the reality of the situation has led us to reassess our strategies and approaches. It has become evident that building a fundamental marketing agency in the crypto space faces significant hurdles, particularly with regards to ensuring the ethical conduct of partner projects and navigating the cyclical nature of the industry. 

Structure of Redemption

Please note that SMT holders who hold their $SMT Tokens at STC Wallet do not need to take any action. The $SMT held in the STC Wallet is automatically redeemed during the $STC redemption, and its value is visible in the “STC, ETH, SMT, LEAN from other sources” category. 

The structure of the SMT refund process is intricate but akin to the situation with Student Coin, it will bear strong similarities. Further details about this process can be found at We have analyzed various scenarios and determined that users acquired SMT tokens through the SMT Launchpad on the STC Wallet at different times, also taking advantage of referral bonuses, including a 15% STC referral bonus (including self-referrals), a 10% ETH referral bonus (including self-referrals), up to a 5% referee bonus, and up to a 5% purchase bonus (related to the method of payment). Almost every SMT Launchpad participant utilized these bonuses. Additionally, some members of the SMT community participated in our premium holders program, designed for active users on the STC Wallet. As a result, the average token purchase price per user will be dependent on his or her activity at STC Wallet.

Regarding the structure of the redemption process, it's important to note that it will vary for different user groups. We have categorized users into four groups:

  • Airdrop recipients - Users of the STC Wallet who received an airdrop for their usage of the wallet and participation in the STC Launchpad.
  • SMT Launchpad Participants  - Users who actively participated in the SMT Launchpad and still hold tokens on the STC Wallet. Please note that more than 99% of participants received a bonus from 5% to 25% (including self-referrals). 
  • SMT Premium Holder Program (PHP) participants - Users who remained active throughout the project duration and supported us through DAO Votings.
  • On-chain users - Users who currently do not hold SMT tokens on the STC Wallet but withdraw them to their personal wallets or other exchanges.

Please note that SMT must redeem all issued tokens, including those distributed through airdrops, promotions, and bonuses. These account for over 40% of the circulating supply. Redeeming tokens that were not sold to finance the development of Smart Marketing Token reduces the net repurchase price for SMT holders who acquired their tokens during the Launchpad event. Despite this, it's worth noting that 97% of SMT Launchpad participants received multiple bonuses when purchasing SMT. Therefore, their effective bonus-adjusted price is significantly higher than the price indicated in the table below since they effectively receive $0.20 per SMT that was granted to them for free through bonuses and airdrops.

Our primary aim was to reward users who consistently supported our project, offering immense assistance in steering the project in the right direction. More than 97% of SMT users are on the STC Wallet. Therefore, we will start serving redemption on STC Wallet first and on-chain users in the next step. For on-chain users, the price will be lower than on STC Wallet, which is dependent on the remaining liquidity after redemption on STC Wallet. We wish to reward and prioritize the group of users who have supported us to the greatest extent.  

The entire redemption process will occur on the STC Wallet, where SMT tokens will be exchanged for STC tokens. To distinguish the converted $SMT tokens from $STC tokens, a separate section labeled "Other STC" will be visible on the STC Wallet. This ensures clarity between the original STC tokens and those exchanged from SMT. Additionally, Student Coin is also conducting token redemption simultaneously, allowing users to promptly convert these "other STC" tokens into USDC tokens for redemption purposes.

Timeline and deadlines for redemption 

For STC Wallet Users:

  • Start: 9th April, 2024.
  • Deadline: June 9, 2024 (2 months from the announcement)

For Users Holding STC Outside the STC Wallet (e.g., DeFi wallets or exchanges):

  • Start: 9th June, 2024
  • Deadline: October 9, 2024 (6 months from the announcement)

This comprehensive timeline ensures users have ample opportunity to participate in the redemption process, whether they hold tokens within the STC Wallet or outside in other platforms.

Redemption process 

The redemption procedure for SMT holders at STC Wallet is identical to STC. Please read the procedure here: 

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Read Student Coin Announcement

However, for SMT on-chain users, the redemption process with details will be scheduled by 9 May 2024, and information on its publication will be sent out by email. 

Smart Marketing Token Holdings Burning

Smart Marketing Token will not redeem its own $SMT Token holdings. All of the project’s tokens will be burned by sending them together with the user’s tokens burned during the STC Wallet redemptions into the dEaD address:


SMT project’s tokens are held together with user tokens in the STC Cold Wallet and on the Probit exchange at the following address:

0xB6CFC5315E9D03CA1B9e9d334dB87a7533433851 - STC Cold Wallet

0x72E5263FF33D2494692D7F94A758aA9F82062F73 - Probit Wallet 1

0xF71AfE21Cd32959113Fc47aE2EF886B43A9413d5 - Probit Wallet 2

More information 

It should be noted that SMT is not obliged by any commonly applicable law to carry out a token redeeming operation. It is not an operation in the nature of a legal action under the law of financial markets or financial operations in the unregulated markets of the respective countries. Any action taken in a redeeming action is in the nature of a legal transaction between the Smart Marketing Token as a project and the community member concerned carried out under freedom of contract. 

All legal and procedural aspects of SMT redemption are the same as those of STC. They can be found at this link: 

SMT Tokens not Redeemed at STC Wallet

Please be aware that any SMT Tokens in the STC Wallet not redeemed by June 9, 2024 will be burned and will no longer be eligible for redemption. The burning process is crucial for providing on-chain liquidity, especially for the 3% minority of SMT users. The amount of unclaimed resources will help determine the on-chain redemption price for the USDC that remains unclaimed by STC Wallet SMT holders after the two-month period. As June 9, 2024, approaches, SMT will provide detailed information about the specific on-chain redemption price, the procedures to follow, and the relevant deadlines.

Community Chats and Social Media

SMT Team has established multiple social media channels and groups to discuss its development. These platforms will continue to operate as usual until June 4, 2024, with moderators available to assist users in the token redemption process. After that date, support will be provided exclusively through Student Coin Zendesk, and the chats will be discontinued. Social media activities will also be suspended, except for posts reminding users of the redemption deadlines.

Final Words

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to every member of the SMT community for the support shown to us, as well as the active involvement on your part at every stage of the project's development. The decision to end the project and begin the token redemption process was undoubtedly a difficult one. Nevertheless, we are convinced that this is the most transparent and responsible course of action. In these final stages, our foremost commitment is to ensure fairness and equity throughout the redemption process, striving to maximize benefits for all users involved.

As we reflect on the collective achievements and milestones attained together, we extend our best wishes for your continued success. May the USDC you receive serve as a catalyst for future endeavors that exceed your expectations and fulfill your financial aspirations. We are immensely grateful for the privilege of sharing this journey with you.

With sincere appreciation,

The Smart Marketing Token Team.

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